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  • Area : 268,021km2
  • Capital : WELLINGTON
  • Population : 4.471 million
  • Literacy Rate : 95%
  • Languages : Maori,NZ English
  • Currency : NZ Dollar
  • Time Zone : UTC+12:00
  • Telephone : +64


  • New Zealand is an island nation which lies in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Comprising of two major landmasses, New Zealand is situated 1500 kms east of Tasman Sea. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington while the most popular city is Auckland. The country has a varied topography and sharp mountain peaks. This country was isolated for quite a longtime and that is the reason why the human population settled here. New Zealand is a developed country which consists of a market economy. This beautiful country is at par with many other countries when compared internationally on many areas. There are many beautiful places to be visited and people here usually come on vacations and that is one of the prime reasons why the tourism sector is so boosted up. There is no certain time to visit this country, as it remains beautiful throughout.

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