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Area:​17.1 million km²


Population:​143.5 million

Literacy Rate:​95%


Currency:​Russian ruble

Time Zone:​UTC+08:00

Telephone Code:​+7

Internet Code: ​.ru

Russia is officially known as the Russian Federation is considered to be as the transcontinental country lying in Eurasia. It is the largest country in the world as it covers one eighth of the inhabited area in the world. It is also true that Russia has up to eleven time zones. The economy of Russia is the twelfth largest economy. Russia is also one of those countries which have a rich source of natural resources lying in its own self.

The climate here varies and distinguishes from subarctic and polar to humid continental. Russia is also bio diverse in its nature. One of the prime reasons why Russia is a top notch tourist destination is because of the amalgamation of the wide culture which meets with varied landscape.


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