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  • Area - 1.221 million km2

  • Capital -  Pretoria, CapeTown,Bloemfontein

  • Population - 52.98 million

  • Literacy Rate - 94.3%

  • Languages - English, Afrikaans,Zulu,Xhosa,Southern Soho

  • Currency - South African Rand

  • Time Zone - UTC + 02:00

  • Telephone Code - + 27

  • Internet Code - . za

South Africa which is officially called as the Republic of South Africa(R.S.A) is the southernmost sovereign state in Africa.South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.Boasting of wide and diverse culture,this multiethnic country also encompasses a wide range of religions and languages.The number of languages that are spoken here is 11,making it amongst the highest number of languages spoken in any country in the world. The World Bank has recently classified SouthAfrica as an upper middle class income economy.In today’s time South Africa is not only a developed country but also comes out as a newly industrialized country. Though,there is no specific time to visit this country,you can always plan South Africa tour in between MaySeptember as this place is thronging with tourists all the time.

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