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General Introduction

Spain is really a region connected with substantial physical and also social diversity, ordinarily astonish for visitors that are ready for to find a region largely recognized for beachfront tourism.  Spain is a destination to travel round the year; however ideal months are May, June and September depending on the itineraries too.

To fetch more information about Spain, one should visit Spain and you should locate anything, from abundant meadows, green valleys, slopes and also wintry piles inside the North parts to help pretty much wilderness areas and specific zones inside the Southern region. The country has been one of the most important tourist destinations of the last decades becoming the third most popular travel destination in Europe.

The Country is really a gorgeous and also different, located in the actual southwest of Europe. The idea stocks the particular Iberian Peninsula using Italy, Gibraltar and also Andorra. Towards Northeast it beds and borders using Portugal along with the tiny principality of Andorra. Towards Western side it is restrictions tend to be explained because of the Balearic Destinations positioned in the middle with the Mediterranean and beyond. The Southeast many areas include the attractive Canary Destinations, in the Atlantic Ocean along with the locations of Ceuta and also Melilla located in the actual Northern of The African continent

Fast  Facts

  • Conventional long form: Kingdom of Spain
  • Conventional short form: Spain
  • Capital: Madrid
  • Time Difference: 3.5 Hrs Behind India
  • Travelling Time: 8 to 10 Hrs ( Approx from Ahmadabad)
  • Books about Spain: Jan Morris’ Spain, Between Hopes and Memories: A Spanish Journey by Michael Jacobs.
  • Currency: 1 EURO =  INR 80 approx
  • Languages : Castilian Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, and Basque 2%
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%
  • Population: 47,737,941 (July 2014 est.) & Country Comparison to World - 29
  • Climate: Temperate, hot summers in interior, more moderate and cloudy along coast: cloudy, cold winters in interior, partly cloudy and cool along coast.
  • Area: 5,05,370 sq km ( Land – 4,98,980 sq km & Water – 6,390 sq km )
  • Regions of Spain: Andalucia; Aragon; Asturias; Canarias (Canary Islands); Cantabria; Castilla-La Mancha; Castilla-Leon; Cataluna, Catalunya , Catalonha (Aranese); Ceuta; Comunidad Valenciana , Comunitat Valenciana ; Extremadura; Galicia; Illes Baleares (Balearic Islands); La Rioja; Madrid; Melilla; Murcia; Navarra , Nafarroa ; Pais Vasco, Euskadi
  • Border Countries : Andorra 63.7 km, France 623 km, Gibraltar 1.2 km, Portugal 1,214 km, Morocco (Ceuta) 8 km, Morocco (Melilla) 10.5 km
  • National Symbol: Pillars of Hercules
  • Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy


Interesting Facts

  • Spain is located in Europe. It is also known as Ispania means land of rabbits.
  • The name Madrid comes from the Arabic “magerit” which means ‘place of many streams’.
  • In Spain vehicles are driven on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Mount Teide is the utmost mountain in Spain (3718 m, 12198 ft) and an active volcano.
  • The countries Spain and France is divided by the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees.
  • Spain is surrounded by numerous marinas which include Mallorxa, Tenerife, Ibiza, Gran Canaria and many more on the Canary Islands, an archipelago on the northwest coast of Africa.
  • Spain Tourism is well known and considered to be one of the leading worldwide, making a good source of income to the Spanish economy.
  • Spain yields a large amount of green vitality, as well as blowing wind power along with solar energy.
  • Food and drink is considered to be the passion of life for Spaniards, well known dishes are Paella and tapas and many more types of rice dishes.
  • Summer Olympic Games were performed in the year 1992, at Barcelona.
  • Spain is the home to various types of tailless monkeys, the macaque, which are the only type of wild monkeys that lives in Europe.
  • Spain is the largest producer of olive oil, Spain accounts for 45% of the world’s olive oil production.
  • Soccer is the national sports game for Spanish.
  • Bullfighting is a well-liked sport in Spain for thousands of years, called corridas, bullfights are considered either a contest of art and skill or a cruel sport.



Spain experiences extremes of temperature and generally low rainfall (less than 610 mm) except for in the north. By the side of the North Atlantic coast the climate is usually quite humid and cool. The central region is very hot, summers are dry. For Madrid, it is called that the climate is 9 months of winter and 3 months of hell hot, which describes the freezing winters and boiling summers. Whereas weather in Seville, Cordoba and Granada reaches to 50ºC (over 120ºF) in the summer of 2003, forest fires caused heavy damage. While the southern Mediterranean shore a subtropical climate prevails with Málaga enjoying an average winter temperature of 14°C (57°F).

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