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Area : 450,295 km²

Capital : Stockholm

Population : 9.593 million

Literacy Rate : 99%

Languages : Swedish

Currency : Swedish krona

Time Zone: UTC+01:00

Telephone Code : +46

Internet Code : .se

Sweden which is a Scandinavian country in North Europe is officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden. It is considered to be as the third largest country in the European union in terms of area. Boasting of low population density, 85% of the population lives in the urban areas. The capital city is Stockholm which is said to be the most populous one. The southern part of Sweden is agricultural while the northern side is heavily forested. Sweden also forms part of the Fennoscandia. Due to the maritime influence, the climate here is more or less mild. Sweden is considered to be as a unitary state being divided into 21 countries. Due to the fact that Sweden is diverse both culturally as well as geographically, there are a number of tourists who do not miss out on this beautiful country every year.

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