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Go bungee Jumping

Canada acts as the perfect place to boost your adrenaline. Amongst the other adventure sports, Bungee Jumping is one that stands out. Some of the best places for bungee jumping are the Wakefield in Quebec, Whistler village, Nanaimo River, Ottawa River. Bungee jumping in Canada will be something you would always remember.

Go in search of Polar Bears

The north of Canada is snow-clad and is very sparsely populated, but Polar Bears are found in the north. The chilled white land with the beautiful Polar Bear is like a value addition to your trip to Canada. The best and very famous place to go in search of Polar Bear is the town called Churchill in Manitoba.

Explore the North

Most of the population of Canada lives in the central and southern part of the country. The north is frigidly cold and covered in snow throughout the year. Yet, some of the most beautiful places and experiences lie in the north. You could visit Manitoba in the north. The north gives you a beautiful chance to see the beautiful Northern lights, Polar Bears, Beluga whales. You could also go Bird-watching in the right season in the north.

Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede is an annual celebrated festival, rodeo and exhibition. It welcomes many Cowboys and Cowgirls to entertain the visitors with the stunning rodeo act. It is an experience of a life time and Goosebumps are guaranteed.

Go in search of Dinosaur

If you are travelling in Canada with kids, then you might want to see the “world’s Largest Dinosaur”. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a 26.3 Metres high dinosaur sculpture located in the town of Drumheller in Alberta. Kids as well as elders would like to see this creation and go to the Jurassic times.

Visit the Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Garden is a beautiful garden located near Victoria in Vancouver Island. The garden is beautifully developed space with a wide variety of flowers, fountains and lakes. It is a National Historic Site of Canada. It is a delight to watch and people of all age groups will enjoy their time here.

  Walk on the CN tower in Toronto

One could take a stroll by the circumference of the CN tower. The view is breathtaking and there is no doubt that this walk will give you the adrenaline rush. The tower is 356 meter high and the edge walk is something that adds to the adventure of the tower.

Visit Thousand Islands

You could visit the Thousand islands and go island hopping. These islands are beautiful and culturally as well as historically rich. If you wish, you could stay in one of these islands and enjoy the static beauty or take boat or cruise ride across many islands. The Thousand islands accentuates the beauty of the entire country.  

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