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Experience a fairytale at Neuschwanstein castle :

  • The Neuschwantein castle in Fussen seems like its coming right out of the fairytale stories that we have heard. Very similar to the majestic castles that we have seen in those Disney movies, but this one is for real. This castle has in fact inspired various Disney movie castles. It is a place to be!

Explore German food :

  • Germans love some potato and apple in their food. They also make some amazing pasta with cheese known as Kasespatzle and enjoy some apple wine or apfelwein with it. The Germans eat Pretzels and other such dishes that you might want to try.

Visit the Mercedes Benz museum :

  • Stuttgart in Germany is home to the world class brand called Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes Benz museum is a brilliant way that the company has showcased the path of development. It is home to some 160 vehicles that are made by the company and some of them are from the initial phase of the company.

Visit the Berlin wall :

  • The Berlin wall is a significant symbol of the German history. The wall is degrading but some artists have made beautiful murals on the wall that have made the wall even more beautiful. The Berlin wall Museum is a place from where you can start a tour to take a view of the entire wall.

Try your hand at Riesling :

  • Riesling is an authentic German drink that is made from white grape and is found in the cities along the banks of the river Rhine. You could visit some vineyards and enjoy the beautiful scene of the Rhine River.

Cycle on the Romantic Road :

  • Romantic Road is a 350 kilometre road and connects Würzburg and Füssen. It is a beautiful road that gives you the proper view of the German culture and the ethnic heritage of Germany.

Take a stroll in the Black Forest :

  • The black forest is located on the border of Germany and France. This mountainous region is full of beautiful forests. This place has inspired many stories one of which is Hansel and Gretel and the some scenes from the little red riding hood. It is the perfect place to be.

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