Things To Do in Gujarat

Things To Do in Gujarat


Visit Girnar Hill :

  • There are plenty of Hindu and Jain temples on top of this Girnar hill. Apart from that, this hill holds some beautiful sceneries which can always hold you back.

Sabarmati Ashram :

  • This is the place where Gandhiji used to stay, even today there are certain things which have been preserved. If you are planning your trip down to Ahmedabad make sure Sabarmati Ashram is not missed.

Visit Diu Fort :

  • Visit the Diu Fort and you will realise that many films have been shot here. One of the very ancient places, Diu Fort is the pride of Gujarat.

Attend the Rann of kutch Festival :

  • Sleep in the tents and be in the Rann of Kutch in the festival where a large number of people come here to simply be a part of the tradition and learn a number of new things and interact with the locals.

Celebrate Navratri :

  •  Navratri and Gujarat are inter-related, so you need to be here during the time of Navratri and play dandiya or do garba and involve yourself into this festive season.

Eat good food :

  • When in Gujarat you can be dead sure that you are going to taste good things. Be it the street food or the Gujarati Thali, everything seems to be nailed at when it comes to food in Gujarat.

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