Things To Do in Bali

Things To Do in Bali

Things To Do


  • Pray in the underwater

Bali is famous for its cultural sites and pristine beaches. One can visit a beautiful mixture of the two in the underwater temple in Pemuteran. One can dive underwater to take a look at these sculptures surrounded with marine creatures. It’s a rare delight!


  • Hike in a Volcano

Anybody can go on a trek on the Mount Batur during Bali tour. It is a volcanic mountain and that makes the trek special. People prefer going on a trek on Mount Batur early in the morning to see the sunrise from the summit. A trek on Mount Batur is much easier than a trek on Mount Agung. So, if you want to take the experience of trekking on a volcano, then Mount Batur is good for a rookie.


  • Take a Submarine Ride

If you are not looking forward to any adventurous water sports, and still have the wish to see the world underwater, then a submarine ride is something you want to do during your Bali honeymoon holiday. It is a ride in the Amuk Bay Bali. The ride is effortless and without any interruptions.


  • Befriend an Elephant

One can visit the Elephant Safari Park in Ubud. You can spend an entire day here and spend some amazing time around these beautiful animals. One can take an elephant ride or even give them a scrub and bathe with them.


  • Go Dolphin Spotting

Dolphins quite often appear on the surface of the sea. Lovina is one place in Bali which is world renowned as a Dolphin spotting place. Apart from Lovina, Sanur is also a place where you can go in search of Dolphins. You don’t want to miss the sight of Dolphins playing and entertaining you in their natural habitat when you visit Bali.


  • Get an Exotic Spa

Bali is known for its Spa treatments. A spa in Bali is said to rejuvenate every cell of your body especially with the beauty around you. The list of amazing spas in Bali is almost never ending. A few famous spas are the Karma Spa, Acqua Perla Spa, the Spa of Sentosa, etc.


  • Indulge in Water Sports

For all the people looking for water sports, Bali is a heaven. You could perform water sports like Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Sea walking, Water Jetpacks and Fly boarding and many more. You could also go rafting in rivers like Ayung, Telaga and Waja.


  • Practice Yoga

One could just perform Yoga on the beaches or in the lush greenery of rice fields. Bali serves you with many exciting opportunities to perform Yoga. There are many Yoga retreats in Bali where you can take classes for a day. Ubud is one place where people extensively practice Yoga.



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