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Eat pizza

Italy is the place where Pizza was invented. You must have the pizza in Naples, it is the best! There is no place in particular that is highly recommended for pizza but you should make sure you are having this authentic beauty. Go indulge in this Italian beauty!

Fall in love with Venice

There is no doubt about it that your visit to Italy will get more beautiful with a visit to Venice. You must take a Gondola ride through Venice. The place is rich with beautiful architecture. Also, you might want to take a Gondola ride at night, Venice looks extremely beautiful at night with all the shadows of beautiful lights in the water cannals.

  See “The Last Supper”

“The last supper” is a masterpiece made by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a delight for any art lover and also others. The beauty of the painting is indescribable and if you are an art love, then you might want to certainly visit Milan to see this painting if not to shop.

Visit the Uffizi  Gallery

The Uffizi gallery in gallery in Florence is home to some of the best art pieces by some of the greatest artists from across the world. You will find some paintings and artefacts from the time of the Renaissance. Timeless beauties of great artists like Giotto, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and many more are showcased in this gallery. It is a must visit.

Experience the Opera

Italy is a country rich in art and culture. It is a place the birthplace of various art forms including Opera. Some of the best theatres to watch the Opera in Italy are Teatro La Scala, Teatro La Fenice, Teatro San Carlo and many more. You might not want to miss this opportunity.

Go hiking on a volcano

Some of the islands and mountains in Italy are volcanic. Etna is one mountain which is a live volcano and happens to be the largest in the whole of Europe. It is a beautiful scene because the mountain lies overlooking the sea and also in covered in snow during winter and to add to it, it is sheer beauty to see the lava mix with the sea and the snow. It is an experience in itself.

Go shop

Milan is one of the best places to shop in the entire world. Here, you can find the most famous brands in the world and also a lot of ethnic souvenirs from the land of Italy. All the fashion lovers and shopaholics would love to be in Milan. 

Get a tan at one of the beaches

Italy has some of the most serene beaches in the entire world. One must visit beaches like Puglia, Tropea, Vasto, Ischia, and Sardinia. Beaches in Sicily are very famous too. You could just do nothing and relax at one of these beaches and get a tan.

Go back in the history

Italy is a very historical and culturally rich country. The heritage of the country is kept intact in various places like the Colloseum, the Pantheon, Herculaneum and many other places. Visiting these places would be like taking a ride in the ancient Rome and realising that “Rome was not built in a day”.

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