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Lake Ashi cruise

Naturally, this is all quite attractive, so it can feel crammed, particularly at weekends and holidays. If you follow the herd, it can also feel highly packaged. To beat the crowds, plan your trip during the week, go hiking and sample some of Hakone's offbeat gems. Explore this exciting destination with our Japan holiday packages.

Honda robot show

Imagine your future in which you live with variety of robots. Robots already exist with us. They will become smarter and even more prevalent in our everyday life. What will it take for humans to live in comfortable harmony with robots? What future will we build with robots? Think about living in the future built by robot technology while interacting with robots through exhibits and performances. Get this attraction with our Japan holiday tours.

Naruto whirlpool cruise

There are specific times when the whirlpools are best viewed. Some time slots may not have whirlpools visible, and this is subject to change daily.
In order to view the whirlpool, we recommend that you board the boat by about 1.5 hours before and after the stated times with the fastest currents. Get this attraction with our Scenic Japan cherry blossom tour package for 9 days.

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