Thing To Do in Kerala

Thing To Do in Kerala


Visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary : ​

  • While you come down to Kerala you have to be make your trip down to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary because of the amazing wildlife and the backdrop of the entire place. You surely are going to experience something like never before.

Dine in Villa Maya ​:

  • This is not just a restaurant but something beyond that. The ambiance of this place speaks a lot about history while the cuisine from Kerala is enough to make you speak good words about it.

Go on a Canal Cruise :

  • ​Canal Cruise is something which needs to be experienced at least once when you are in this beautiful state. While you are on this cruise you will find several things such as a village life, beautiful birds all around and various kinds of plantations.

Step into the Museum of History and Heritage :

  • I​f you are someone who loves history and heritage then you are surely going to be amused by various things and especially the traces of the history of Kerala which are showcased here.

Taste the best of coffee at Indian Coffee House :​

  • When in Kerala, coffee is a must and nothing better than the coffee that is served at the Indian Coffee House which sells some high class rich coffee.

Go on a trekking trip :​

  • There are not one but many trekking trips that happen time and again here and Kerala is famously known for the mountains which are a wonder to trek.

See the Kathakali Dance​ :

  • You just cannot leave Kerala without seeing the Kathakali dance which is supposedly the trade-mark thing of Kerala.

Explore the local markets : ​

  • You would be in Kerala and you would always want to take something for your near and dear ones, then straightaway head down to explore the local markets which have an amazing range of spices and other important things.

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