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Get the Adrenaline rush

If you are looking for some thrilling experience in Macau then go on the top of the Macau tower. You could perform many adventurous activities from here. One could do bungee Jumping, Skyjump, Skywalk, Towerclimb and other such activities to top up your adrenaline.

Experience the House of Dancing Water show

The house of Dancing Water Show is water based show just perfect to entertain you. It showcases some of the world’s best acrobats, gymnastic dancers, dancers and pyramid groups. It is a perfect blend of dance and music in sync with water.

Hike on the Guia Hill

Right in the centre of the Guia fortress, lays the Guia Hill standing tall at the height of 91.4 meters. The Guia hill is home to a beautiful Lighthouse built by the Portuguese. People can take a Cable Car ride to the hill or if you want a beautiful hiking experience, then you could take a stroll or jog to the top.

Try a hand at gambling

Macau is the gambling capital of the world. You could at least visit one of the huge casinos if not try a hand. The gambling market in Macau is five times bigger than that of Las Vegas. It’s an experience one must witness.

Visit the “Black Sand Beach”

The Hac Sa Beach in Macau is one of the most beautiful beaches in Macau. Formerly the beach was covered in Black sand, but due to soil erosion, the government infused yellow sand. One can still find patches of black sand on the beach and it a very rare thing to see.

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