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Snorkelling :

  • The pristine beaches of Maldives and the picturesque blue waters of the Indian Ocean serve as a perfect place to perform various adventure sports. One of the most famous activities that you can perform here is Snorkelling. It is a beautiful experience. Go take a dip and explore the underwater world!

Dolphin spotting :

  • The sea around Maldives is a beautiful place for Dolphin and whale spotting. It is ranked as the fifth best place for dolphin and whale spotting in the world. You can find various species of these creatures here among other beautiful water creatures here in Maldives.

Submarine ride :

  • If you don’t want to take a dive in the water or if you are visiting the place with kids, the best way to view the underwater life is from a submarine. The vibe of being in a vessel underwater adds to the excitement of looking in the underwater world. Go take a ride in a submarine!

Learn windsurfing :

  • The sea is like a playground in Maldives. There are several places in here where you can practice windsurfing and if you are new to this sport, then you can even learn it here. There are various islands where locals run such businesses. Some of these are Faranafushi Island, Maafushi Island, Guhi Islands, etc. Go try your hand at it!

Dine underwater :

  • What could be more fascinating than dinging under the sea? This unique way of having a meal is available in Maldives at a restaurant called Ithaa. Enjoy your meal with your family here!  

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