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Visit Nizwa Souq :

  • Nizwa Souq is one of the oldest souqs in the country and consists of a busy marketplace that consists of every household thing that one always looks ahead to.

Khasab Fort :

  •  Khasab Fort was built by the Portuguese and now consists of many museums while the central tower has a wide array of flora and fauna to show up.You can also listen to the fishermen chants.

Jabrin Castle :

  • Jabrin Castle turns out to be an impressive sight for everyone and for the people around who come to visit this castle, they are always astonished by the beauty.

Trip to Jerusalem :

  • Take a trip down to Jerusalem, as most of the tourists usually go there to see the birthplace of Jesus. This place is also of importance.

Royal Opera House :

  • The Royal Opera House has marked one of the important phases in the cultural life of Oman and since then there has been a very sharp rise in things from this front.


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