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Go to the Wawel Cathedral ​:

  • This is a royal cathedral and has experienced and seen many events like coronations, funerals and burials of the famous men of Poland. So just be here to see this historic place.

Visit Wieliczka Salt Mine :

  • I​t is famous for its deep salt mine and has been attracting many tourists over the years. It is unique in its own and it surely cannot go unmissed and has tunnels as well.

Wilanow Palace​ :

  • This is Warsaw’s top palace and looks quite elegant from the outside. The exterior of this palace is covered with some interesting murals.

See the Museum of Pharmacy : ​

  • The museum of pharmacy is one of the very unique museums that you will find in the entire world and its a beautiful townhouse that consists everything related to pharmacy and medicine.

Go through the Underground Tourist Route :

  • O​ne of the very prime attractions, it took 17 years to get completed and links 25 cellars. The guided tours will surely take you here.

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