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  •  Northern lights

Also known as Aurora Borealis is seen in the northern areas of Norway. Science explains this phenomenon as a result of the particles of sun and the magnetic field on the North Pole. But what’s important is that it is extremely beautiful. The best time to see the northern lights is in the winter as in the summer during Scandinavia Tour, the sun wouldn’t want to go out of site!


  • See the city in different colours

In the city of Arhus, one can get the experience the view in the colours of the spectrum. The Rainbow Panorama is a 150 meter long floating tunnel on the top of Arhus Art Museum. One can take a stroll on this walkway and see the city in different colours.


  • View the Black Sun

One can experience this phenomenon in Jutland. It’s beautiful to watch flocks of birds dancing in the air in such a way that they virtually block the sun. That’s why it’s also known as the Black Sun. One can see this in the time of March-April or September-October.


  • Visit the World Heritage Sites

Any person who is going for Scandinavia tour for the first time would want to visit at least all the heritage sites listed by UNESCO. There are almost 30 heritage sites in Scandinavia. These sites are both culturally and naturally rich.


  • Attend a Music Fest

The music loving Scandinavians holds many music festivals throughout the year. They have world class artists visiting and performing at these festivals. The Roskilde Festival, Distortion Festival, Bergenfest are few world-renowned music festivals held here.


  • Go Skiing

Scandinavia isalso a brilliant destination for skiing. Places like Geilo, Hemsedaletc are good places to ski.


  • Visit the ABBA Museum

For all the music lovers, this is one of the ultimate destinations. The ABBA museum is dedicated to the famous pop band “ABBA” famous for the music of the movie “Mamma Mia”. This museum would be the ideal places to spend a light evening in the world of ABBA.


  • Drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road

Scandinavia will not leave a chance to boost your adrenaline. It has got something for the people who love driving.  It is approximately and 8.3 kilometre road which connects various islands in the Norwegian waters. It has 8 bridges and the most famous one is Storseisundet Bridge.


  • Stand on the Kjeragbolten

The Kjeragbolten is a big boulder located on the mountain Kjerag. One can jump on the boulder without any climbing instruments. One thing to make sure is that it is not raining and the boulder is wet.


  • Travel in a the Metro in Stockholm

One would want to visit the Stockholm Metro Station, especially because ofit’s beautiful paintings. It is popularly known as world longest art gallery and has beautifully art pieces and paintings in it. 


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