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Visit A Castle: Bojnice Castle:

Bojnice castle is the most romantic, fairytale inspired castle in slovakia. Its architecture and history are worth the visit, and the castle holds two main events each year. If you are travelling with your partner, a romantic st. Valentine’s day weekend will give you the chance to spend a special day with them. If you are travelling with friends, then you shouldn’t miss the international festival of ghosts, held regularly in the end of april and beginning of may.

Practice Adventure Sports:

As slovakia is a very mountainous country, most of the north and central areas are composed by mountain regions divided by valleys. It is not surprising that adventure activities are offered elsewhere. Rock climbing, rafting, cycling, hiking…all sorts of outdoor activities that will test your fitness and provide an exceptional background!

Try Demanovka, A World Famous Herbal Liqueur:

If you ever have the chance to visit slovakia and one of its local pubs, don’t miss the chance to order a glass of demänovka, an herbal liqueur. Its sweet, delicate honey aromatic taste will make you forget the cold slovakian nights and will surely help you make some good friends!

Spot Brown Bears And Wolfs In The Tatra Mountains:

The tatra mountains are the natural border that divides slovakia and poland. The gerlachovský štít with its 2655 meters is the highest peak in the zone. The vegetation together with the climate are a perfect combination that provide home to some magnificent and beautiful animals. Brown bears, wolfs, marmots, snow boles, eurasian lynx, red deers, wild boars and even the local tatra chamois can be seen in the area. Make sure you hire a guide though, these are shy animals that will be really difficult to see otherwise!

Discover The Bronze Statues In Bratislava:

Bratislava, the capital city of slovakia, is a fun and entertaining place to visit. Different bronze statues are hidden across historial village and despite being recent additions, their aim is to act as reminders of people from the past. The statues represent real people that lived in bratislava, and it’s very entertaining to find them and try to imagine what their story was!

Things To See


The capital of the slovak republic bratislava also referred to as the beauty on the danube can not only boast interesting history but it also is the centre of the most dynamically developing region of central europe at present.

The Bratislava Castle:

 this symbol is a dominant feature of bratislava as it stands sentinel at a strategic point above the danube. Inhabited as far back as the celtic and great moravian times, now houses historical museum, bratislava castle is the focal points of the city. High upon the hill, it is an excellent place to look out across the danube into petrzalka and into austria. It was the site of the summit meeting between george w. Bush and vladimir putin in feb 2005.

St. Martin Cathedral:

Once a part of city fortifications, the st. Martin's is an intriguing and fascinating building with a turbulent history, well worth a visit. Do not just walk in and out, take a walk around the building and you will discover many fascinating corners. The roman catholic cathedral is still in use today and some bratislavian's hold weddings there.

St. Michaels Gate:

The only one of the watch tower gates that is still standing, st. Michael's tower acts as the gateway into the old town from the north. There is a very interesting exposition about arms and municipal fortifications. On top level outstanding views of bratislava, and an excellent photo opportunity of the castle.


Located on a hill close to the center of bratislava. Slavin is a monumental cemetery and memorial of soviet army soldiers who fell during world war ii in april 1945. They fell during liberating the city from nazi german troops. Slavin was built between 1957 and 1960 and opened in 1960 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the liberation of bratislava.

Universitas Istropolitana:

Situated in the historical city centre. Universitas istropolitana bratislava was founded in 1465 by pope paul ii on the request of king matthias corvinus. It was the first university (since the 16th century - as academia istropolitanain) in the territory of slovakia.

The Primate's Palace:

Located in old town, just in the historical centre of the city. This neo-classical palace in bratislava was built in 1778-1781 for archbishop jozsef batthyany.

Old Town Hall:

One of the oldest stone buildings in bratislava, and the oldest city hall in slovakia, with the tower being built approximately in 1370.

Roland Fountain:

The roland fountain is the most famous fountain in bratislava, as well as one of the city's important landmarks. Its construction was ordered by maximilian ii, the king of royal hungary, in 1572 to provide a public water supply.



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