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Take a hike

The Alps stand as a tall beauty on the face of Switzerland. The entire country is covered in mountains and hiking is something that adds to the beauty of these mountains. Grindelwald is one place acclaimed by the National Geographic for hiking in Switzerland. Hikes on the Matterhorn along with the shadows of the cable car are very famous. Interlaken is also a place where mountaineering is very widely practiced. Mountain sports are also practiced country-wide.

Go biking

Cycling in Switzerland is very common. You can hire cycles very easily and take a ride of the city. One very amazing thing about the country is that cycling is a very commonly used mode of transport. One can take a public bike for minimal charges and use it for the distance and park it for somebody else to use.  It makes commutation easy and the view from while riding is ecstatic!

Ride a paddle steamer in one of the lakes

Switzerland is full of splendid lakes. The best part is that these lakes have much more to serve other than the mesmerizing views. One could take a ferry ride or a paddle boat ride in these lakes. Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich are two very famous lakes to take paddle boat and lake cruises.

Discover various chocolates

Switzerland is almost a heaven when it comes to chocolates. It is the pioneer off milk chocolates. It is rightly said “if you love chocolates, you will love Switzerland”. For the Swiss, chocolate making is an acclaimed business now. One can visit various chocolate factories and chocolate making giants like Nestle, Teuscher in Switzerland.

Binge on cheese

A visit to Switzerland without eating the cheese fondue is incomplete. You get variety of cheeses in Switzerland. Gruyères is one place where all kinds of Cheeses are fondly made and eaten. The Gruyère cheese is known to be the best known cheese in the entire country and is very famous. It’s a must taste.

Take a train ride

Travelling in Switzerland through trains is a very good idea. The trains give beautiful views and you make sure you have your cameras in your hands all the time. If you are just looking for a ride for the beautiful view then the Glacier express and the Bernina Express are trains you might want to ride.

Attend one of the many festivals

Switzerland hosts many festivals around the year. Visiting one of these festivals can become the highlight of you trip. Zurich is a city where music and film festivals are recurring on regular basis. You could also attend the Basler Fasnacht Carnival in Basel; it’s a beauty to be in Switzerland in the time of these festivals.

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