Top Things to Do in USA Holiday

Things to do in USA - Mount Rushmore, Maui, Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park, Chicago, Alaska, Miami & Savannah. Book America Tour Packages with Flamingo Travels Now.

Things to do in USA

1. Fall in love with the Grand Canyon



The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited places in U.S. Located in Arizona, these rock formations along the side of River Colorado, will not fail to amaze you. Apart from the beautiful sightseeing, one can also go hiking, rafting, running in the Canyon. Options of airplane rides are also available for looking at this beauty from a height. You could also take a skywalk around the Grand Canyon and have an amazing experience on USA Tour.

2. Watch a Broadway show at New York Times Square



Broadway is the one of the best ways art is expressed in US. For anybody who loves the theater Broadway is synonymous to heaven. When you are taking an America  tour in the New York Times Square, you must watch a Broadway show and feel the air of theater in New York.  

3. Visit Hershey’s chocolate factory



Indulge in the world of Chocolate at the Hershey’s chocolate factory. It is a very innovative place where you can take chocolate tours, watch a 4D show about chocolate factory mystery and also taste chocolate. It is a perfect place to be with family and kids.

4. Visit Disneyland



All of us love Disney. When you are in USA, you must visit the Disneyland in Orlando. It is the perfect amusement park for Disney lovers with various rides and attractions. The rides, resorts and the water park here will make your trip to Disneyland package of excitement.

5. Visit Hoover dam



It would be a delight to see this architectural and infrastructural marvel in US. You can go to the visitor’s center and have a glimpse of the scenic beauty and enjoy the construction. It is a perfect blend of natural and manmade beauty.

6. Visit NASA Kennedy Space center



Remember the Space center in the movie Swades? Would you want to visit the place? Then you must visit the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. This center has been a prime source in launching rockets in the Apollo missions and the other expendable launch vehicles (ELVs). Any person who has a little inclination towards aeronautics will be delighted to visit this place.

7. Visit the Empire State Building



The Empire State Building has its own prominence on the New York skyline. It has been featured in various movies and the building has much amazement associated with it. On the 86th floor of the building lies the highest open-air observation deck in New York. It is a place one must visit! 

8. Visit the Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum




The Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum in Washington DC has a collection of some of the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world. it has some 61 aircraft and 51 space artifacts and will leave amused.

9. Take the 17 mile ride



The 17 mile drive on this scenic road can be a highlight of your trip to USA. It will give you a glimpse of the pebble beach, the bird rock and the Lone Cypress among the many other attractions. Enjoy the drive!

10. Explore San Francisco



San Francisco has it all! History, culture, beauty and what not. The Golden Gate Bridge is one place that you must visit in San Francisco. One could enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge the most at the time of Sunrise or Sunset. One very interesting thing to do in San Francisco is to go around the city in Cable Car. It has a different feel and you could see the entire city while traveling. This place is full of Life.

11. Binge Eat!

The entire country eats for fun and eats yummy! Of course, most of it is fast food, but one should try eating some of the American food at least once. Some of the famous delights are the New York or the Chicago style Pizza, the pies, sandwiches, yams, pancakes, bagels, pretzels and much more. Food in U.S.A will definitely accentuate the fun you will have there.

12. Visit New York!



New York is known to be the most energized city in the whole world. It is a place for everybody! To mention the mains, you must visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller center and the 9/11 Memorial. New York is said to be the most happening place to be and it is true. So once you have seen these places, just strolling around on the streets of New York will also give you the best time of your life.

13. Visit the Centre of American Administration at Capitol hill



Visit Washington D.C when you are in U.S.A. It gives you the chance to see one of the most politically powerful places in the world. Visiting the White House should top the list in Washington D.C along with the many other Historical Museums and Memorials.



14. Relax in Hawaii



With its Pristine Beaches and vibrant colors, Hawaii is one of the most relaxing places in U.S.A. One could visit beautiful sights like Hilo Town, Kona, Akaka Falls, Hawaii’s Volcano National Park and many other sights. You could also perform various water sports here in Hawaii. It’s the perfect blend of beauty, adventure and fun.

15. Gaze at the beautiful Niagara Falls



Located on the border of Canada and U.S.A, the Niagara Falls is a majestic beauty. You can take a boat ride in the waters or see the falls from a height from a helicopter. The crowd might get in the way to enjoy this beauty, but the view is worth it.

16. From Bollywood to Hollywood!



Los Angeles is famous for being the Mumbai of U.S.A. It has a beautiful weather throughout the year and also has shot of various films round the clock and the calendar. You could visit Universal studios, the Warner Bros. Studio, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Beverly Hills etc. when in Los Angeles.

17. Have fun in Vegas



Vegas is again a very happening place in U.S.A. There are many things that can make your stay in Vegas a memorable one. The most famous way to enjoy Vegas is the being at the Vegas strip, where there are amazing places like the pyramid, the sphinx, the Eiffel tower and many other places where you can spend your time luxuriously. The Nightlight and sound show in Vegas is also something that you should not miss, if in Vegas.


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