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  • Area: 242,495 sq km

  • Capital: London

  • Currency: Pound Sterling

  • Language: English, Scots, Welsh, Gaelic

  • Population: 65,110,000

  • Time zone: GMT (UTC)

  • Telephone code: +44

  • Internet code: .uk

The United Kingdom consists of four countries, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Only Northern Ireland shares land borders with another country, all the other countries in UK share maritime borders. There is parliamentary system along with a constitutional monarch in United Kingdom. The parliament is based on democracy and the constitutional monarch is based on family succession. Currently Queen Elizabeth II is leading the monarch. All the countries except for England have devolved administration and powers.

Britain was a member of the European Union until very recently when the nation opted to vote out. UK is a permanent member of the Security Council of the United States. There are 30 world heritage sites as listed by UNESCO in United Kingdom.  

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