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United States of America is the third largest country in terms of area and also in terms of population. USA is a developed country with world’s largest economy. Book USA Tour Packages Now.

General Information

  • Area: 9,833,517 sq km

  • Capital: Washington D.C

  • Currency: Dollar

  • Language: English

  • Population: 324,099,593

  • Telephone Code: +1

  • Time Zone: UTC -4 to -12, +10,+11

  • Internet code: .us


The United States of America is known as the super power as we all know. It is the third largest country in terms of area and also in terms of population.  USA is a developed country with world’s largest economy. It has a very varied population with people from across the globe living here. The US has significance over the entire economic system as the US Dollar is accepted universally as for the purchasing power parity.

USA enjoys good connectivity with the airports of the entire world. It almost takes 20-25 to reach the United States from India. Usually, people take a stopover at Dubai. Many also reach the Los Angeles airport from Heathrow Airport, London. If you want to reach USA through road, then taking a flight to Canada and then driving to Atlanta would be the ideal. 

Best time to visit

The USA experiences four seasons every year. Spring arrives in most part of the country in March and stays until May. The hot days last from June to August and then arrives the autumn with the arrival of September. The snowy days are liable to come by December and continue till February.

The ideal seasons to visit a major part of the country would be in the spring, summer, and autumn. If you are willing to opt USA Tour Packages anytime during September to December, it might get a little cold and it would be advisable to visit the beaches and the more humid areas like Miami, Hawaii, California, etc.

The ideal time to visit would somewhere between March to August. The summer in the USA is usually mildly warm and the mercury stays around 25° C to 30° C. At the same time, the ideal season to visit Alaska is summer as it is pleasantly cold.  

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