West Bengal & Sikkim Information

West Bengal & Sikkim Information

 General Introduction

Sikkim is a friendly, culturally rich, peaceful state, where virgin forests, lofty mountains ,mystic valleys ,lush green landscapes and spectacular mountain rivers run as its veins. There are many places to visit in Sikkim, a few days are not enough to explore Sikkim. The state offers everything right from sightseeing, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering to gambling, yes the world class gambling! Sikkim is the second state in the country after Goa, where you can bet your money.


Fast Facts

  • State: Sikkim
  • Capital: Gangtok
  • ISO Code: SK
  • Census Code: 110
  • Date of Establishment: 05/16/75
  • Area: 7,096 sq km
  • Border States: West Bengal
  • Division: Northeastern, Compare Northeastern States
  • Area Rank: 27
  • Language: Nepali



Temperate Summer Temperature: Minimum:13°C & Maximum:28°C Winter Temperature: Minimum:0°C & Maximum:13°C Annual Rainfall: 325 cm In India, Sikkim is one amongst the few states that receive regular snowfall. The snowline of Sikkim is approx.6,000 meters.

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