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Human inhabitation started in the United Kingdom nearly 30,000 years ago. The Romans came over and then the Germanic Anglo-Saxons and thus the segregation of races happened. Then the Norman people came and brought the Norman-French culture to England. They also combined many lands. The English Monarch was in constant conflicts with the French colonies and thus one of the most remarkable war; the hundred year war happened in ancient UK. Due to differences with the English monarch, the Scottish kings sided with the French. There was a personal union, yet all the nations i.e. England, Scotland and Ireland had separate governments and political rules and policies. Many differences and wars followed. On May 1st 1707, the United Kingdom came into existence. Later, after getting involved in slave trading, the British took the initiative towards the abolition of slavery. United Kingdom was the first country in the world to start industrialisation in the 19th century. Soon after the Napoleonic wars, UK became a super power when it came to Navy. During this time, Britain managed to get governing and trading powers over many countries around the world. In the First World War, UK fought on the side of its allies like France and Russia against Germany. Soon after, consuming the Germany colonies, British Empire became the biggest empire ruling several countries in the world.

In the Second World War, UK continued fighting against Germany and also lost many allies. Eventually, US became a major ally to the United Kingdom. After the end of the Second World War, UK became a member of the United Nations along with USA, Soviet Union and China. UK also became a member of the UN Security Council.

UK was one of the founding member of the European Economic Council (EEC) which later became, the European Union. UK remained a member till 2016, when the country voted out of the EU.

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