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Thailand is known for its varied culture. It has a deep impact on the Hindu culture. The Thai people perform various dances and dramas depicting the Ramayan or Ramakien on Thailand Tour Packages. Many theaters showcase artists performing dance forms like Khon, Lakhon, Likay. Apart from art and culture Thailand tour is also known for sports as well. A very popular way of entertainment during Thailand tour is Thai boxing or Muay Thai, as known there. Thailand also celebrates various festivals like “Songkran Festival” popularly known as the water festival, Loy Krathong Festival, Yee Peng Festival etc and allows tourist to indulge.
Apart from the originally Thai cultural entertainment, there are many pubs and restaurants and options for nightlife in Thailand.

Here is the list if some happening beaches to visit in Thailand: 

SAIREE BEACH: More often than not, Sairee Beach is also referred to as the Turtle Island, which is located on the island’s west side and is famous amongst the scuba divers and snorkelers. Although it is a low key area it boasts of quite a number of nightclubs and bars. 

HAAD RIN: This beach is located on the island of Ko Phangan and is famous for its full moon parties. The Full Moon Party attracts a number of travelers from around the world. During the course of this popular event, the beach is lined up with huge sound systems and is crowded with partiers.

LAMAI BEACH: Lamai Beach is a beach which is quite famous for laid back travelers and is located in Samui which is the second biggest island after Phuket. It is comparatively less crowded than the other beaches and is the perfect place to relax.

HUA HIN BEACH: Hua Hin Beach has been one of the most favorite beaches on a Thailand Holiday Package and is located in the northern part of Malay Peninsula. If you are someone who loves golf then this is the perfect place for you to spend your leisure time. Currently, it is the home to the largest number of golf courses in the world.

PATONG BEACH: Patong Beach has got an image of being the unofficial party capital of Phuket and that is the reason why this beach is filled up with nightclubs, restaurants and tourist shops. If you love adventure sports then this beach is the perfect beach to enjoy all kinds of adventure sports on Thailand Tour.


Top 4 Local Cuisines In Thailand: 

SOM TUM: Som Tum is basically a spicy green papaya salad which hails from the north east state of Isaan and is very distinctive in its taste. Garlic, chilies, green beans, cherry tomatoes and shredded raw papaya get dramatically pulverized in a pestle and mortar, so releasing a rounded sweet-sour-spicy flavor that's not easily forgotten.

PAD THAI: Pad Thai is considered to be as the default international Thai Dish and is dropped in a searing hot wok with fistfuls of small, thin or wide noodles which is fried alongside crunchy bean sprouts and onion. Travelers on Thailand Tour Packages must try this delicacy!

KHAO PAD: Khao Pad is fried rice and is a typical lunch dish that is served in Thailand with wedges of lime and slices of cucumber. To make sure that you get the best eating experience it is usually dressed up with basil and leftover vegetables which give a lovely taste.  

GAENG DAENG: Gaeng Daeng is a red curry which is made with red curry paste and is topped with lime leaves which give an aromatic taste to the tingling taste buds. It is mild, sweet and delicately fragrant.

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