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Area : 338,424 km²

Capital : Helsinki

Population : 5.439 million

Literacy Rate : 99.8%

Languages : Finnish and Swedish.

Currency : Euro

Time Zone: UTC+02:00

Telephone Code : +358

Internet Code : .fi

Finland which is a sovereign state in Northern Europe is officially known as the Republic of Finland. The population of Finland is close upto 5 million and the major population of this country lies in the southern region. It is considered to be as the eight largest country in Europe in terms of area. There are thousands of lakes and islands here and Ice Age explains most of the geography of this beautiful country.There is diverse range of fauna that can be found here. Here you are going to experience warm summers and freezing winters. Finland consists of a total of 19 regions.while the constitution of Finland defines the political system of this place. Cargo and passenger traffic form the extensive road system here. Finland is also a major hub for all the tourists as its diverse nature attracts thousands of people from round the globe.

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