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This country which is a country of lakes and islands I perhaps one of the world’s most nothernost countries. There are around 1,88,000 lakes and upto 1,79,000 islands. Saimaa which is the largest lake of Finland is said to be the fourth largest lake in the entire Europe. Finnish Lakeland is the area with the most number of lakes while the greatest number of islands will be found in the southwest in Archipelago Sea. The glaciers here were thick and lasted longer compared to the other glaciers of Europe.  The erodic effects have in return made Finland a bit flat consisting of very few hills and mountains. There are even ridges that can be found here running southwest and northwest. The morainic  deposists are the reason for the retreating glaciers here as well. The terrain has been compressed by the glaciers for all this time and now it is rising due to the post-glacial rebound, this effect is being majorly experienced around the Gulf of Bothnia where the land is steadily rising by 1 cm every year. This is the reason for the old sea bottom turning into very little day by day into the dry land while the surface area of the country is expanding by  7 square kilometers annually. The landscape here is covered mostly by the coniferous forests. Of the total area of Finland, only 10% is lakes rivers and ponds while the rest of the part of Finland is covered by forests. It is the largest producer of wood here and granite is the most common type of rock. Moraine or till is said to be the most common type of soil here.

The country’s geographical position affects the climate of Finland while the whole of Finland lies in the Boreal zone. The climate here is characterized by warm summers and freezing winters. Cereal farming is done here because the climate here is suitable for that. There are midnight suns as well that can be experienced here.

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