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  • Area

  • Denmark: 43,094 sq km
  • Norway: 323,803 sq km
  • Sweden: 450,295 sq km
  • Population

  • Denmark: 5,515,575
  •  Norway: 4,676,305
  • Sweden: 9,074,055
  • Capital

  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Currency

  • Denmark: Danish krone
  • Norway: Norwegian krone
  • Sweden: Swedish krona
  • Languages : Danish, Swedish, Norwegian

  • Time zone: UTC+1, UTC+2

  • Telephone code

  • Denmark:+45
  • Norway: +47
  • Sweden: +46
  • Internet code

  • Denmark: .dk
  • Norway: .no
  • Sweden: .se


The Scandinavian countries are known for their beauty and peaceful scenery. The Scandinavian countries include mainly three monarchs namely Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavia is basically a subset of the Nordic countries which include Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and some other associated territorial land.

Travelling through air is the best way to reach Scandinavia. The biggest and the most populous airport here is Copenhagen international airport followed by the airports of Oslo and then Stockholm. Many major airlines like Qatar Airlines, Emirates, American Airlines, etc have flights connecting Scandinavia from the world.

The Scandinavian countries are mostly surrounded from water bodies and so air is the best way of reaching here. To use the water bodies at their best, there are many ferry services connecting Scandinavian countries internally as well as with Germany. Denmark is also well connected to Germany through rail routes.

It is advisable to exchange currency from banks located there at arrival terminals instead of carrying different currencies. The banks there have a very nominal exchange rate. 

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