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Various indigenous people lived in Alaska before the Russian explored this land. These people included the Tlingit people, Haida, Tsimshian and the Aleut people. Some of these groups of people faced exploitation by the Russian and the others were curtailed to epidemics. The Russians entered Alaska in the 17th century. Along came the Spanish people to assert their dominance over the land. Soon, these people started making their own colonies.

The then Sitka was now named New Archangel and many other colonies were renamed and the Russia succeeded in making them entitled to the land. William Seward who was the then U.S secretary of State negotiated the Alaska Purchase. This deal took place with 7.2 million dollars, which many called Seward’s Folly. Others, who supported Seward’s decision, believed of it to be a smart decision to limit British control over this part of the world. In the initial year, Alaska was not given proper legal status and under military rule and then later became a district. Then a provisional government was set to govern the Alaskan land. Soon, gold rushes in Alaska welcomed many miners to Alaska.  Alaska faced Japanese intrusion in the Second World War.

Later, a statehood committee was set up with the purpose of making Alaska a state of U.S. this committee faced several problems and later on January 3rd 1959, Alaska became the 49th state of the United States of America. 

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