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Iceland is generally an arctic desert punctuated by mountains, ice sheets, fountains, hot springs, volcanoes and cascades. A large portion of the vegetation and horticultural zones are in the marshes near the coastline. Iceland's most particular highlights are the ice sheets that cover more than 4,600 sq. mi (11,922 sq. km) or 11. 5% of the aggregate territory of the nation. Amid the previous couple of decades, be that as it may, they've especially diminished and withdrawn inferable from a milder atmosphere.

A topographically youthful land, Iceland is situated on both the Iceland hotspot and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which runs directly through it. This area implies that the island is exceedingly topographically dynami

It is a clear indication that this island is dynamic with numerous volcanoes. Iceland has numerous fountains also. Here, the utilization of geothermal power is excessively a direct result of the hydroelectricity that is created through the considerable measure of water bodies that is available here. There are around three national stops here .The atmosphere here is said to be sub-polar maritime and it likewise shifts as per the diverse parts of the island. Regardless of being near the ice, Iceland remains ice free in the winters.

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