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Iceland is located on the Iceland hotspot and on the Mid-Atlantic Range. This is a clear indication of the fact that this island is active with many volcanoes. Iceland has many geysers as well. Here, the use of geothermal power is quite too much because of the hydroelectricity that is generated through the fair amount of water bodies that is present here. Iceland also has around hundreds of volcanoes, out of that almost thirty are considered to be as active. Iceland lies quite closer to the continental Europe. Greenland is supposedly the closest body of land next to Iceland. Iceland is also known to be the world’s 18th largest island. Iceland also has thirty minor islands in it. Lakes and glaciers covers the surface while there is some place that is also said to be vegetated. Jokulsarlon is also the deepest lake of Iceland.  Iceland is considered to be as a strong performer in the environmental protection. There are around three national parks here.

The climate here is said to be sub-polar oceanic and it also varies according to the different parts of the island. Despie being close to the arctic, Iceland remains ice free in the winters.


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