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Kabi Longtsong

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Kabi Longtsong

Situated at a distance of17 km from the northern capital of Gangtok is the Kabi Town which is consideredto be a historical place due to the initiation of the Sikkimese history here inthe early 13th century. There is an exquisite Buddhist monastery situatednearby where you can spot kids and the followers of Buddhism studying aboutreligion and its beliefs. Along with this, there is a library and a garden aswell where you can discover more about the place and its past. There arelife-size statues of Bhutia and Lepcha, who were the blood-brothers, erectednear the stone pillar to pay respect. With the wonderful stories that thisplace holds, this place is surely going to captivate you with its wonderfulbeauty. This place has a past associated with it because it was here that afriendship treaty of brotherhood was signed between Khey Bumsa who was aTibetan chieftain and Tetong Tek who was a Lepcha tribal chief in the 14thcentury. To mark the event and the location, there is a huge stone pillarsituated in the middle of the dense forest where the agreement was signed. Withthe place being one of the most popular spots of Gangtok, you are going to comeacross the Thakurbari temple which was built in the memory of the event. Set inthe middle of the forests, Kabi is going to send chills down your spineespecially when someone narrates the history of the place. If you are planninga trip to Gangtok, Kabi Town should definitely be on your list of must-visitplaces.


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