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The first settlers in Norway came about 10,000 years ago. Initially they survived by hunting and fishing, but later on they began to develop skills of farming and maintaining livestock. The first farms were created around 500 BC; this was Bronze Age, since bronze was an extensively used metal.

After that the Iron Age that lasted up to 1000 AD. The Viking age lasted from 800 AD to 1030 AD; the Vikings were great seafarers and warriors who expanded their rule to other regions. Christianity was introduced to Norway around 1030 AD and by the 13th century Norway exerted its rule over the areas likes Iceland, Shetland, Orkney Islands and Greenland. This Norwegian empire lasted till 1350 AD when the Black Death (Plague) reduced Norway’s population to its actual half.

Norway was united with Denmark from 1380 AD to 1814 AD, once the union ended Norway wrote its own constitution and entered a new union with Sweden that lasted till 1905 AD. Norway happened to be captured by Germany during the Second World War; the King of Norway was seeking refuge in the UK until the war got over. The Nobel prizes are given by the peace loving nation of Norway.

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