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This island nation is located in the Indian Ocean to the northeast of Madagascarand to the east of Kenya. The archipelago here consists of around 115 islands. While most number of the islands are said to be inhabited there are also some which are kept as natural reserves. There are two coral sand cays as well as two coral islands here. Though, the Amirantes group consists of around 29 coral islands. There are also 13 coral islands in the Farquhar Group which lies to the south-southwest of Amirantes. There are also 67 raised coral islands here which fall in the Aldabra Group, lying to the west of Farquhar Group.

The climate here is almost humid  and the islands are said to be small comparatively. The temperature varies quite a bit in the year. Precipitation is somewhat less here and the mountain slopes tend to receive a fair amount of rainfall.

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