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The recorded history says that Seychelles has remained inhabited for a long period of time and there are no such facts and figures to support the fact that there were people around here. It is also by said by many greats that Austronesian seafarers and Arab traders were the ones to first inhabit Seychelles. The great explorer Vasco Da Gama had come here and the earliest recording was made in 1609 during the forth voyage of the British East India Company. This was also used as a trade transpoint in between Africa and Asia. The islands were occassionaly used by the pirates until the French took over. The Britishers seemed to have controlled the island in between 1794-1810. Seychelles later on became a crown colony, which was separated from Mauritius. The island got its independence in 1976 as a republic itself within the commonwealth. Later on in the 70’s , the place had also turned out to be a place for the filmstars and began to be known internationally as a jetset. It was also declared as a socialist one party state in 1979 that lasted until 1991.

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