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Get a tan on the beaches:

  • Portugal has some of the most untouched and serene beaches in Europe. These beaches will serve as the best place for you to enjoy and relax without any disturbance at all. You must visit the Algarve beach, Albufeira beach, Faro beach and Lagos amongst the many other picturesque beaches.

Stroll in the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary:

  • The Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary is situated in Tenões. It literally means Good Jesus of the Mount. It is a pilgrim site and is famous for its neoclassic architecture. The sanctuary is a good place to take a hike and is a part of the pilgrim centre. The scene from the top of the mount is picturesque and breathtaking. It is a must visit!

Try your hand at wine tasting:

  • Since ancient times, Portugal is known for its sweet wine. Port wine is Portugal’s most famous wine and is the most exported good of the country. There are various wineries in the entire country. If you are looking forward for some exquisite wine tasting in Portugal, you must visit Borba, Pico Island, Anadia and other such places which have amazing wineries.

Hit the markets:

  • The best place to explore the Portuguese culture is in its markets. These markets are so lively and the locals here are always welcoming. You can buy souvenirs for everybody you know from these markets and also enjoy the feeling.

Visit the Lisbon Zoo:

  • The Lisbon zoo or the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa is world in itself. It is home to various species of animals which are on the verge of extinction. It is home to some 2000 thousand animals and 300 different species.              

Listen to the Fado music:

  • Fado is a folk music of Portuguese. You will find two forms of Fado in the country; one is mournfull and the other one is upbeat. It is said that a visit to Portugal is incomplete without listening to the Fado music. You can find people singing and playing this folk at some restaurants and you can enjoy food with this music.

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