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Ahmedabad :

  •  Ahmedabad is one of the pride of Gujarat, for this city has just too much to offer. You name it and this city has got it,so do visit Ahmedabad and see the best of Gujarati culture.

Kutch :

  •  Kutch is also one of the famous significant places in Gujarat which is famous for its great Rann. The Rann of Kutch is very famous here and the white barren land looks even more beautiful when there is full moon.

Saurashtra :

  • Saurashtra is also one of the most important part of Gujarat and is mostly known for being helpful in trade and commerce. The old cities here are very much famous for its work and culture.

Vadodra :

  • There are many interesting sights here and also many famous monuments as well. This whole city has been planned very well and also has some really good educational institutions.

Dwarka and Somnath :

  • Dwarka and Somnath are said to be the religious places of Gujarat and India and also have so many good temples and history related to it.

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