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Jebel Shams :

  • Jebel Shams is the highest mountain of Oman and it is not as famous for its peak as it is for the brilliant views that it has to offer.

Nakhal Fort :

  • This fort is built on the foundations of Pre-Islamic culture,even this fort has some amazing views to offer and will take you straight back into the history.

Sharqiya Sands :

  • Sharqiya Sands are the perfect sand dunes that you would ever want to see in your entire lifetime. There are many traditional events that takes place and there cannot be anything compared when the camels are here.

Salah :

  • Salah is a subtropical city and there are pretty drizzles that makes this place a place to be visited again and again, the misty pastures here look just too amazing.

The Musandam Peninsula :

  • The Musandam Peninsula is called as the Norway of Arabia for it consists of some picturesque villages which are colourful villages and some peninsulas.

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