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Moscow :

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia and is a place too good to be at. It delights every tourist and traveller who makes an effort to visit this place. A hip and a happening place to be at, there is so much to do and so much to soak in Moscow.

St.Petersburg :

  • It is said that this beautiful place tends to get under your skin,as this place speaks too much about history. This place is as exciting as any other place and the music scene here is beyond boundaries.

Eastern Siberia :

  • This is one such place which says alot about the history and also for its ever so famous winters.The world’s deepest lake also lies here.

Russian Far East :

  •  Russian Far East is a place to be definitely visited as it creates its own identity and charm which is beyond comparison. The beauty of this place cannot be described just through words as this place is just like your vivid imagination.

Kola Peninsula :

  • This lies to the north of the Arctic Circle and its wide expanses will leave you awe-struck amongst the wilderness.

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