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Enjoy the Orchestra at Vienna State Opera :

  • The Vienna State Opera is one of the most beautiful and celebrated opera houses of all time. The orchestra that plays at this opera house is considered to be the best in the world. It is an architectural beauty and has some of the best opera and ballets you will ever see. It is something that must be on your to do list.

Drive on the Grossglockner Alpine road :

  • The fabulous alpine scenery of the Grossglockner Mountain is something that makes this road one of the most beautiful roads that you will drive on. You can hire a car and take on the road. It has 4 kilometre accent. It has some 1 million visitors every year and is something that you should not miss.

Hike in Innsbruck :

  • Innsbruck has its cultural and natural beauty. The old town is beautiful and to add to it, the mountains that surround the place make the place ecstatic. You can take a hike in Innsbruck on the Zirbenweg is the perfect place to take a hike if you are looking forward to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Sit by the Schlegeis Lake :

  • The scene of the Schelegeis Lake surrounded by mountains is something that will leave you stunned. The experience of the lake and mountains can be made more exciting by taking a hike in the surrounding mountains. It is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

Go skiing :

  • December is the best time to go skiing in Austria. if you are there in the right time, places like St.Anton, Innsbruck, Kitzbuhel, solden, etc are some of the best places to have your skiing experience.

Get overwhelmed at the Admont Abbey Library :

  • If you are book lover, this is one of the most beautiful libraries you will visit. It is an architectural beauty and to add to it the books! It has a beautiful ceiling which will leave you Awestruck!

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