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Visit the Lion rock :

  •  Lion Rock is the tiny islet that is quite visible from the main island and is also one of the top signature spots for a picture and a place that must be visited. The underwater terrain is another thing which is not to be missed.

Ile Cocus :

  • If you love snorkeling then the glassy water that surrounds Ile Cocus provides with some great snorkeling adventures.

Spend some time at the Shark Bank :

  • A place which is for the experienced divers,and d the experience of diving is just unmatched.

Cerf Island Explorer :

  • This explorer will make your diving experience just real big even if you are diving for the first time or for the hundredth time. You can be assured of diving in the best of water bodies at very affordable rates.

Morane :

  •  This place featuring an array of boulders that is gazed around a sandy floor is a treat to watch none the less, here is an oasis of very beautiful water creatures which are surely going to take your breath away.

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