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Glacier Bay National Park

Located in Panhandle Alaska, most people visit Glacier Bay National Park to witness some of the most beautiful creatures on this side of the world. You would find the Brown bear and many other wild animals here. One could also go hiking, boating or kayaking in here. If you get to see the glacier crash, consider yourself lucky.

Kenai Fjord National Par

Located in the Kenai Peninsula in the south of Alaska, Kenai Fjord National Park is beautifully gifted with mountains, fjords and glaciers. The very famous exit glacier is also located in Kenai Fjord National Park. You could also stand a chance to see the black bear and many migrating whales in this national park.

Inside passage

Taking a cruise ride through the Alaskan part of 1000 islands is something that you must do in Alaska. Not only a cruise, you could go around the 1000 islands by kayaking. It is a wonderful to visit some of the isolated communities along the coasts of these islands.


Sitka is well known since ancient times. It is a place rich in culture; it is the town where the Alaskan purchase happened. You would find a perfect mixture of the Alaskan and the American culture in Sitka. You could visit the Sitka National Historic Park to explore the Tingit and the Russian culture.


Ketchikan is home to Tongass National Forest, where you can find the Black Bear, wolves and bald eagles. The beauty is where the city meets the sea, the creek street. It’s a hustle-bustle amongst the silence of the forest. It is place you must visit.

Denali National park

The Denali National Park is home to the highest mountain in North America. To add to the beauty of the park, there is the Savage River. It is gifted with wildlife, like grizzly bears, elks, reindeers and some 167 species of birds. You can also take a sledge dog ride in the Denali National Park.

Hubbard Glacier

The Hubbard Glacier is named after the first president of the National Geographic Society. This is one of the very rare glaciers which are moving towards advancement rather than retreatment. It is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. It is a must watch! 

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