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Havelock Island

  • 57 kilometers away from Port Blair, some of the beaches of Havelock Island are considered the best you could find in Andaman. Radhanagar Beach was especially named the “Asia’s Best Beach” by the Time Magazine in 2004. Other beautiful beaches on Havelock island are Elephant beach, Kala Pathar beach,etc.

Baratang Island

  • The Baratang Island is mainly known for its mangrove forests, limestone caves and mud volcanoes. One could visit the parrot island here to see flocks and flocks of parrots migrating together.

Ross and Smith Island

  • Located a few miles apart from each other these twin islands are connected through a natural sand bridge or sand bar. This sand bar accentuates the beauty of both these islands. One wouldn’t need a ferry for island hopping here.

Chidya Tapu

  • Chidya Tapu or the Bird Island as the name suggest is one of the best place for bird watching. It is not only known for bird watching but also for its amazing sunset. One could visit chidya tapu and go bird watching and by the end of the day enjoy a beautiful sunset from the beach.

Viper Island

  • The Viper Island is famous for snakes. In history Viper Island was a place where the British kept their captives. The ruins of a hillock Gallows is still present in the Viper Island.

Cellular Jail

  • The cellular jail has a deep rooted history. Many freedom fighters were kept captive here. One of the most famous freedom fighter who lived here was Vir Savarkar.  The jail attracts many tourists and says the stories of those who were kept captive.  

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