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Tournai :

  • Tournai is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. It has a very rich culture and is the former capital of the country. The cultural history of the places goes back to some 2000 years. Some of the buildings in the city were built in the 12th and 13th century. The museum of fine arts in the city has some really ancient and valuable pieces of art by great artists like Campin, Ruben, Van Gogh, etc.

Antwerp :

  • Antwerp is a perfect blend of the cultural value of the country and the dynamic modernism. Antwerp is very famous about the Diamond District, where trading of the world’s 70% diamonds takes place. Apart from this, Antwerp is famous for its gothic architecture.

Ghent :

  • With a very rich history, Ghent is a prominent place in Europe. The view of the whole city will remind you of the medieval times. Places like the Gravensteen castle and Graslei harbour are places which make Ghent a must visit.


  • Bruges is very famous by the name of “Venice of the North”. The best thing that you could do in Bruges is take a canal tour of the city and enjoy the beautiful Gothic architecture. The chocolate museum in the city is also very famous. It is a must visit.

Brussels :

  • Brussels, the capital of the place is very famous for its diversity. It is a beautiful place to witness different cultures and modernity amalgamate in a very unique way. It is a perfect place to experience the modern Belgium culture and some very famous cafes and restaurants.


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