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Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s first and one of the largest National parks. The scenery is extremely beautiful and is gifted with flora and fauna. One could get lucky to see the Black Bear, Bison, Grizzly bear, wolves, bald eagles and other such beautiful creatures in this national park.  One could also visit Lake Louise while visiting Banff national park.

Gros Morne National Park

The Gros Morne National Park is located in Newfoundland and is listed in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Apart from the picturesque scenery, spotting a moose will make your trip memorable in Gros Morne National Park. The beautiful panoramic views of Gros Morne National Park are something you don’t want to miss.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is a bay located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It is especially known for its amazing tides. The blend of high and low tides with the beautiful rocky Mountains and cliffs is something that adds to the beauty of this place. It is a must visit!


Located on the east coast, Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The Château Frontenac is a beauty on the skyline of the Quebec City. The entire is rich in culture and is majorly a French speaking land. One could also visit Montreal and Saguenay where you can perform some amazing adventure sports too.


Toronto is the biggest country in Canada is a culturally diverse and rich. With people from across the world living here in Toronto, you can find Little Chinatown, Little India and other such communities living here. The CN tower in Toronto is a famous attribute of the city’s skyline. It is a world in itself!


Vancouver is one of the most visited places in Canada. The Stanley Park in Vancouver is very famous and is a must visit in Vancouver. You could also go surfing at the Wreck Beach or hiking or skiing on the Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. It is an experience of a lifetime.


The capital also had to serve many things as it is home to the government. One could visit the Parliament hill and the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. The Rideau Canal beautifully merges with the Ottawa River and passes through the city. In winter, the Canal becomes a very interesting place for Ice Skating.  The city also hosts beautiful music festivals throughout the year.

Niagara Falls

A visit to Canada without witnessing the beautiful Niagara Falls is incomplete. The best part apart from the breathtaking view is taking a boat ride in gorge. The view and the energy of the falls are breathtaking and will leave you awestruck. It is something you definitely don’t want to miss if in Canada.   

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