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Hukuru Miskiiy :

  • Hukuru Miskiiy is also known as Friday Mosque. It is one of the oldest mosques in Male̒. The mosque show beautiful artistry and creativity of the Maldivian culture. It is on the tentative list of the world heritage sites of UNESCO. It is a place must visit to learn things about the culture of Maldives.

Male̒ :

  • Male is one of the oldest towns in Maldives. It is culturally rich and diverse. Some of the oldest buildings with stories from the past are located in the capital city. It is the most populous city of Maldives and is a must visit!

Banana Reef :

  • Located north to Male̒, this reef is of the shape of a Banana and thus is known as the Banana reef. The underwater life in this reef is majestic. It has some very rare species of fishes and looking at them will make you glad.

Manta Point :

  • Manta point is an area for diving where people will find various manta rays. These fishes are one of its kinds and looking at them in their natural habitat is something that you would love. Diving at this point is an experience of a lifetime!

Alimatha Island :

  • Alimantha Island is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Maldives. It is full of green vegetation and beautiful beaches making it a perfect place for relaxing and diving. It is a place where beautiful and rare marine life is found. 

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