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Geirangerfjorden​ :

  • This comes and is a part of UNESCO world heritage site. The scattered farms, the rustic scene and the waterfalls make this place as a place that demands to be visited.

 Lofoten Highlands ​:

  • It is amazing if you reach this place on a ferry and you are never going to forget it. The islands are totally serene and the beauty of this place is just too good to be looked like real.

Bergen ​:

  • Berjen is surrounded by seven fjords and seven hills, and this beautiful city is what everyone needs to visit when one is in Norway. The cultural life is also quite dominant here.

Svalbard ​:

  •  Svalbard looks like a very dream-like place and is a land that is too good to be looked as real, which includes various snow-drowned peaks and glaciers and ice-bergs.

Oslo ​:

  •  The capital of Norway for all the right reasons as you can spot reindeer and is a place too good to be looked at.

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