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Krakow :

  • This is truly a wonderland to be in as there are a number of things that are surely going to fascinate you. Right from the nature to architecture and beyond everything is impressive.

Warsaw’s museum and palaces​ :

  • Gothic architecture is quite prevalent here and speaks alot about the city’s past. There are excellent museums, bars and lively clubs to give you a experience worth lifetime.

 Gdansk ​:

  • The feel of the city is completely different from any other place that you have been to. This port city has a maritime brilliance which cannot really go un-noticed.

Wroclaw :​

  • Just like everyone even you are going to love this place because of its cultural significance and the entertainment it gives to everyone in various forms.

Great Masurian Lakes​ :

  • Little farms, many lakes, township, forests. This is what Great Masurian Lakes are all about making it a place that cannot be missed by any chance.

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