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Mahe :

  • This is said to be the largest as well as one of the most developed islands and is also home to country’s capital called Victoria. There are a great range of resorts and activities that take place, every little activity that is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

Praslin :

  •  Praslin is a place of complete temptation and richness. The ambiance that this place sets up is just something that is next to beautiful as it consists of some awesome palm trees and clear skies alongside, mountains and seas which look jus as beautiful and serene as if you are dreaming.

La Digue :

  • It is a tropical paradise for the people who come here from all the far off regions and just is a perfect set for an imagination that you can always create in your mind. The islands here turn out to be as beautiful and lovely then any other thing which just

Victoria :

  • If you have seen your markets then the markets of Victoria are surely going to give you a complex as it is also home to one third of the population and is a brilliant market setting apart from the natural wonders.

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