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 Zurich is the dreamland for fashion and art lovers. The city welcomes you with a beautiful lake, Swiss National Museum, several galleries and botiques to shop from. The lake gives a stunning view and you can also go boating in the lake. Zurich also hosts various events on regular basis. It is a must visit!


To get the adrenaline rush in Switzerland, you have to go to Interlaken. It is blessed with picturesque mountain ranges where you can take a hike, skiing or even paragliding. Like across the country, Interlaken is also a feast when it comes to Cheese. With so many beauties to explore, Interlaken will not disappoint you.


 Famous for being the base for the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne will entice you in its medieval architecture and gothic looking buildings. One can spend some leisure time in Lausanne and enjoy some local food at one of the many cafes that you'd find here.


The capital is a mesmerizing beauty. The medieval buildings in Bern stand tall since the 12th century. Located on the banks of River Aare, the beauty of the city gets a hike. The old town of Bern is a must visit and is also listed to be one amongst the World Heritage Sites as listed by the UNESCO. Your trip would be incomplete without visiting Bern.


 The village of Zermatt is mainly famous for some extraordinary resorts and restaurants. It is also famous for being located on the foot of the majestic Matterhorn. It is a hub for hikers from across the world and gives a beautiful view. The Matterhorn was the most photographed mountain at a point of time and is a must visit place.


Known for being the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva is known as the 'Capital of Peace'. Tourists from all over the world visit Geneva to experience a hint of the mixture of French and Swiss culture and various events and musicals. The Jet d'Eau fountain is very famous in Geneva is vey famous apart from the lake and shops.


 If you are looking for a place to indulge yourself in the Swiss culture, then Appenzell is your place. It is a village with rich cultural and heritage value. Just a walk by the street in Appenzell will give you an experience of a lifetime with the beautiful folk music and traditional dances.


 Montreux is mainly famous for being situated near the very inspirational heritage site "Chateau de Chillon". It is a majestic beauty and a culturally and architecturally rich place to be in.

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