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  • Canada Visitor Visa (Fresh / Reapply)

    A Canada Tourist Visa, also known as a Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), allows foreign nationals to visit Canada for tourism, visiting family and friends, attending conferences or events, or for other temporary purposes. From the beautiful cities of Canada to the stunning Niagara Falls, the visa opens doors to captivating experiences, all made convenient with Flamingo Travels' support.
    • Processing time : 1 to 2 Months after Biometrics
    • Apply Before : 120 days

    Visa Documents Required

    • 1 Recent color Photo(35X45mm,White B/g & Matt paper with 80% Face)
    • 8 month valid Original Passport (With all old Passports if Any)
    • All kinds of Savings, investments (PPF, FDR, L.I.C, M.I.S, N.S.S, DMAT statement etc.)
    • Fill-up individual questionnaires given by our office.
    • Last 2 Years Personal income tax returns with Computation Sheet of all applicants (If Any)
    • Last 3 months Personal Bank Statement of all applicants.
    • Proof of Immovable properties (i.e. Tax bill of house, Land, Shop, office or Other Relevant papers (If Any)

    Important Notes

    • After submission consulate may take approx. 1 month time and we will take 3 to 4 working days to prepare your visa applications and your biometric confirmation date.    
    • After submitting visa applications the consulate office/VFS, will not allow you to withdraw your case and the paid fee & VFS Charges will be nonrefundable.
    • The applicant is responsible for checking their online visa applications which we never save and on demand, we can give before submission. (If you need pls ask for)
    • We never give a guarantee for approval of any type of visa.
    • We must accept the decisions of visa refusal or visa approval&validityof the visa taken by the respected visa officers.
    • If you have been rejected in any country of the world including Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand & Australia please declare the year of rejection and submit a rejection letter if possible.
    • After accepting your visa applications all the applicable visa fees, VFS charges & processing charges would be nonrefundable.

    Biometric & application submission processing system & fees
    • Visa applications will be applied online.
    • The visa fees is 100 CAD$ and Biometric fees 85 CAD$ - INR 12000 and 5000/- service charge including GST
    • Block your appointment date for your personal visit for biometrics.
    • At the time of biometrics, you have to visit VFS, kocharab Ashram, Paldi, Ahmedabad – 380007.
    • Our visa service charge is Rs.5000/-per application (Including GST)
    • Under 14 years & above 80 years applicants are exempted from biometrics.

    Why Us?

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